Who are we?

Movie Plot

As the world prepares for the dawn of a new digital age (The Fourth Industrial revolution) a dark cloud hangs on the African continent and dreams of economic freedom are diminished.

A group of tech - radicals come together setting in motion a movement that promises to free Africans from the shackles of capitalism and economic slavery once and for all. History is rewritten and this becomes the most explosive revolution the world has ever seen. The African tech revolution.

"We are the tech-radicals in this movie"

BlackChain is a tech organization


We exist because of the realization that the biggest problems in Africa are due to lack of technological skills and resources.


Our mission is to 

-  Inspire fellow Africans to adopt and lead in technology

-  Identify tech talent  in Africa.

-  Continuously nurture tech skills in Africa

-  Create and innovate.

To fulfill our mission we  have initiated the  following

Tech- Art Studio

We believe that nothing great can be achieved without inspiration and this is why it is important to have a meaningful source of inspiration. Technology is hard and whenever we are faced with adversity we want a sanctuary we can turn to that will remind us why we exist and the course we are fighting for. Though our tech- art studio we create, collect, sell, and donate art pieces that strongly embody Afrofuturism. Afrofuturism is a philosophy of science and history depicting the African culture within the realm of advanced science and technology. We are devotees of this philosophy as we want to exist in a technology powered Africa designed by ourselves.


Robotics Challenge 

Africa is teeming with raw technological talent and we have made it our job to go out there and find it  through our Robotics Challenge competition. The competition invites high school pupils to present robots that they have built at school or with their friends to a panel of judges. The pupils are given a series of tasks and challenges testing them on the core disciplines in robotics.


School of robotics and AI

Education is a great part of what we do. We have partnered with various online educational institutions around the world to provide comprehensive training to young Africans in the field of robotics and AI. 


Innovation lab

Innovation of Africa by Africans is our end goal and it is through our innovation lab that we carry out research and development programs to better understand our environment and how to create tools that will benefit our communities no matter how big or small. The innovation lab is also our workstation that produces custom tools for enterprise.